Friday, February 15, 2008

You Bought A What?!

This scrapbook page shows Noah as a little guy....only 2 1/2 years old, riding on this crazy little motorized four wheeler that was a gift for him by Kevin's friend, Justin. Leave it to two men to come home with something like this for a child who is barely more than a baby!

Justin had come for a visit, and he decided that he wanted to get a gift for Noah. So, off to the store went Kevin and Justin. This is what they came back with. I couldn't believe it. I objected, saying that Noah was too small for it, but they promptly pointed out that is was for 'under 3's' and that an adult could walk faster than it actually drove. Sigh... I did make them go back to the store to buy a helmet though!

Noah LOVED his new gift....of course! What kid wouldn't?

We snapped lots of pics during Noah's first ride, and I didn't want to have to do six layouts of the same event. So, this was the layout that I came up with. I was able to incorporate all of the best photos onto one page...mission accomplished.

The layout feels very balanced and symetrical....just the way I like it. I like the clean lines and the feeling of balance that you get when looking at the page.
I may just have to use this sketch again!

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Jaquet Family said...

Typical men - very cute LO though!