Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank You....a Little Late....

So, here is a pic of the thank you card that I sent out for the kiddies' Christmas gifts. They were actually a little on the late side (just a little....I put them in the mail today....yikes!). So, hopefully no one who will be receiving one is looking at this post.... I had to send a slew of these out. My children are fortunate to have many, many people in their lives who love (and spoil) them.

I love these stamps. The monogram is from Close to My Heart. The little "thanks" stamp is from....hmmmm.....I'll have to get back to you on that one. The little boy and oh-so-cute-little girl were purchased at a stationary store in Old Town Geneva. (I can't wait to visit there again when I go to Geneva in a few weeks!) Once the children were stamped, they were coloured using my Stampin' Up crayons (my new favourite thing!) and then blended with blending pens from Close to My Heart.

The patterned paper is from a scrap stack...the card stock is from one of my local craft stores (A.C. Moore, JoAnn, or Michaels). The ribbon comes from the same place as the card stock.

I used my Stampin' Up ticket corner on the corners of the patterned paper.

This card doesn't actually open; you just flip it over to find a piece of white card stock fastened to it and a hand written message.

Now that I have checked that item off my list...on to the next thing!

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