Thursday, February 21, 2008

Simple Valentines

My son's kindergarten class all exchanged valentine cards this year. Over in Switzerland, this isn't a day that is widely celebrated....therefore, this is the first year that I have made them for Noah's classmates.

I decided to go with something really simple.... When you are talking about a bunch of five year olds....who knows if they will make it home, or into the garbage!

The design is the result of a trio of heart punches in a variety of sizes, and some simple doodling. C'est tout!

The reverse side of the cards were stamped with 'happy valentine's day' in black StazOn. The stamp came from the dollar bin at Michael's!
Gotta love the dollar bin! :)

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CraftyMomOf2 said...

Hey Colleen! These are SO cute!!! And so smart to keep them simple because yes, they are most likely going to end up at the bottom of the backpack or in the garbage. 5 year olds can't appreciate paper crafting beauty! ;)

So fun last night...can't wait to see you again!!