Tuesday, May 13, 2008


When I made this card, I did several different variations of it. All of the girls are wearing different clothes, but the nitty gritty of the card is the same. So, I won't torment you with looking at all of them!

I have had this stamp set for a while and hadn't even used it! It's a sin! It is Meet Me At the Cafe by MFT.

The cardstock comes from a scrapstack that I got at Costco. The floral patterned paper is from Anna Griffen (I think!). The striped paper used on the cafe awning was from my scrap bin.

The ribbon is Dots, Dashes and Checks from Michaels. The images were coloured with a combination of water colour pencils and crayons.

This card is a variation of one that I saw on someone else's blog...but I can't remember who! In an attempt to give these ladies the credit they deserve, my best guess would be that I found it here or here. Having said that, I am getting much better about writing down where I find things now. :)

I hope you all have a great day!

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On The Go Family said...

I loved this one! Thanks again for your wonderful birthday gift. I was very touched.