Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Wreaths

I chose not to post a paper crafting project today...instead I want to post a special Easter project that I did with my kiddies on the weekend.

When we lived in Geneva, Noah attended a Waldorf school. His very first year there, his teacher made these beautiful Easter wreaths for each child in the class. The were made with a wreath, ribbon and coloured eggs that had had the centers blown out. They were beautiful.

When we went through out last move (from Switzerland to New England) the movers smashed Noah's poor Easter wreath. I was heart broken at the loss of such a wonderful keepsake from his time in the Waldorf school.

So, I decided that this year I wanted to try and make the same kind of wreaths for both of my children. I turned into a whole day's work!

This is Rebekah, admiring her finished wreath from the stairs.

Every egg is a little bit different. I wanted the eggs to have the appearance of being tye dyed. So the way we achieved that goal was to mix food colouring, water, vinegar and then we added a table spoon of oil to the mix. The oil keeps the colour from sticking to the egg wherever it touches, allowing a mottled effect.
The other method that we used was to drip hot wax onto the eggs, and then submerge them into the colouring solution. The spots on the egg that are covered in wax resist the colour. I then heated the egg next to a flame until the wax started to melt and I wiped it off.
All of this was very time consuming considering we had a dozen eggs to colour!
This is the final effect. Not bad, huh?!

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Joanne B. said...

Love this!! All the hard work you put into it is so worth it. I'm sure your kids loved making it and enjoying it in your home!

Have a great trip!