Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So Much Fun

I had a lot of fun making this girly card for a customer. It was going to her sister, who was celebrating her 30th birthday. So, in honour of the occasion, a lot of effort went into this card!

This was the first time I tried paper piecing with a stamped image. This means that you stamp the image, then you re-stamp the same image on a piece of patterned paper. You then very carefully cut around the re-stamped image and piece it together with the original image. It sounds confusing, I know.

Basically, I cut the wall paper out from a stamped image on patterned paper and then pieced it onto the stamped image on solid paper. The result was polka dot wallpaper. But, wow, did it ever take a long time!

I am really happy with the end result though. I love blue and chocolate brown. They are my colours of the moment.
I hope you like them too!

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