Thursday, February 16, 2012

Silly Boy

I have been fortunate enough to attend CKC Cincinnati for the last two years running. Both years, I convinced my fun loving friend Carol, to be my partner in crime, signing us up for ridiculous numbers of classes and dragging Carol in my wake. She has been a good sport!

This layout is from one of the classes we attended together. The class was by Piggy Tales Academy and they provided all of the papers and supplies.

The photos featured are of my son, Noah. He used to be so photogenic....but as he gets older, he seems to feel more awkward in front of the camera. He gives me these forced, fake looking smiles that never really look like him. My best bet is if I can catch him unaware....then I may get a laugh or a giggle that is genuine. The photos below are Noah's attempts to smile for the camera. When I began to laugh at his silliness, it segued into a game of silly faces.

Closer shot of the right hand page. You can see some of Noah's 'forced smiles' in action here.

These photos were some of the ones that I got as part of our fall photos. Each year in the fall when the leaves are changing colours, I take the kids out and try to get some photos of them with the leaves as a backdrop. It has now become a family tradition. The colour palette of this layout worked really nicely with the fall colours in my photos.

Here is a close up of my journaling. I know that journaling in your own hand is tough for a lot of people....especially those of us who are critical about our handwriting! This is an example of where I included my handwriting on a layout, mistake and all! You can see that I made a 'typo' and attempted to fix it. I really and truly had to take a deep breath and tell myself that it was OK to leave the mistake. The perfectionist side of me really wanted to re-do the entire journaling block, and the entire page if that's what it took, to fix things. *deep breath*

Well, I'm off to upload some more photos. Have a great weekend!

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