Thursday, February 2, 2012


I can honestly say that I rarely....actually make that in, this is probably the very first time, that I have ever scrapbooked a page about myself. Why, you ask? Well, I am the one behind the camera 90% of the time. I think that often happens with scrapbookers, because we are the ones who are recording the memories, and therefore we are the ones who want the photos taken!

I am also very self critical when it comes to photos (aren't all women?). Oh...that was a bad hair day. face looks too fat in that photo. Yikes....look at those wrinkles! People call them laugh lines to make you feel better, but in fact, they really are just wrinkles. Yes, I am guilty of all of the above!

So, it was very out-of-my-comfort-zone to create the layout below. I decided though, that some day when I am no longer around to annoy my kids daily, they may (0r may not....who knows?) want to know more about their mother and what made her tick. So, this is my attempt at leaving a legacy for them.

This is one of the few photos that I actually quite like of myself. It was taken in Calgary, Alberta at the children's museum. There is a fun house, type exhibit used to teach children about perspective, and it was in that exhibit that this fun, colourful photo was taken.

I used my Cricut to cut out many of the flowers that are tumbling down and around my photo. The small green flowers are actually from Michaels and are found in the wedding section. They are meant to be decorations to use in the centers of tables, etc. The one red flower on the corner of my photo with the button center is a random one that came from my jar of miscellaneous blooms. I couldn't tell you where it originated from.

Here you have a close up of my journaling. That is another 'something' that I am working on. I am pushing myself to tell more stories....the stories of our famliy (thank you, Ali Edwards!). This, for me, means journaling and telling stories, instead of just recording dates and facts. Generally speaking, I hate the journaling part. It always comes out sounding corny or somehow wrong. I am a work in progress in this department!

And here you have a close up of my blooms. I used pop dots to raise some of the flowers to give the page some dimension. I prefer when everything isn't just flat.

In case you have seen a layout like this before, that is because I did find this inspiration somewhere. I wish I could remember where, in order to share it with you. See, that is a lesson to keep up to date on my blog, and then I wouldn't have this problem! I also have a habit of intending to scraplift a layout, and then I change so many things that it looks nothing like the original anyways! So, maybe you won't have see it before after all! :)

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